The Surveyor Hub Podcast

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Hosted by: Marion Ellis

The podcast for surveyors who love what they do! You know you are a surveyor when you can't hold a conversation without thinking about property. From buildings and construction to the legal issues and of course...


089. Positivity, YSOYA and Supporting RICS with Rory Murphy

Season #4 Episode #89

How do you continue to maintain a positive mindset and attitude?A positive attitude - even if it is just a smile - improves the way people see you (and even your company). Positivity is infectious and being...
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088. Welcome back to The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Season #4 Episode #88

In this episode, your host chartered surveyor, industry coach and mentor Marion Ellis shares some insights and background to the podcast for new listeners - how it got started and what's been happening for her in...
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Welcome to The Surveyor Hub Podcast

I’m your host Marion Ellis. One of the questions I often get asked is what is the Surveyor Hub? And on one level it’s just a Facebook group, it’s a podcast. I see it as a way to feel part of a world and industry that...
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The New RICS Rules of Conduct

Season #3 Episode #87

Christine O’Rourke is Head of Conduct Standards at RICS supporting surveyors by producing standards and guidance on professional conduct including the Rules of Conduct. She has worked in complaint handling roles in a...
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Setting the Boundaries for Your Surveying Services with Neil Hewitt

Season #3 Episode #86

Neil Hewitt is a residential surveyor specialising in older period properties, in particular local Suffolk timber frame and thatched houses. Neil has come into surveying by what may be seen as a non-conventional...
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Seeing the Bigger Picture in Surveying with Phil Parnham

Season #3 Episode #85

Phil Parnham is a Chartered Building Surveyor with expertise in the diagnosis of defects in residential properties. Phil has many years of experience in the social housing, higher education, and residential sectors....
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084 How to Share Technical Content with Stacey Meadwell

Season #3 Episode #84

Would you like to share and write more technical content? Perhaps you want to promote your business and share technical content with a wider audience? Surveyors and valuers have a lot of good stuff to share that can...
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083 Networking and Visibility of Women Surveyors

Season #3 Episode #83

This week, Marion invited Jo Williams and Betsy Wong to discuss their experiences in networking, self-discovery, and getting visible online.  Jo Williams is a chartered building surveyor working within a team of mixed...
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082 Achieving Your Goals with Kirsty Knight

Season #3 Episode #82

Kirsty Knight is a certified life coach for female entrepreneurs in areas of business, money, time & productivity. She teaches ambitious entrepreneurs her system that covers productivity tactics, mindset work and...
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081 A Chat About Regulation with RICS

Season #3 Episode #81

In this episode, Marion invited Sarah Cantrill, Richard White, and Charlie Jackson to chat about the significance of RICS standards and regulations. Richard White is a Chartered Surveyor working in the Profession...
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080 The Love Surveying Mastermind

Season #3 Episode #80

The life of a surveyor can be a lonely one. Who do you talk to when you need to get advice, guidance and support that you need? Trying to work out what's important to you can have you going round in circles when you...
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079 Thatched Properties and Fire Safety Concerns

Season #3 Episode #79

Recently Marion had a conversation with Neil Hewitt and Charles Chalcraft about surveying thatched properties and fire safety concerns involved in those surveys. Neil Hewitt is a Suffolk-based independent residential...
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