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A collection of valuable video resources to help you navigate a business journey that's right for you.

Surveying Careers


Webinar on how to acheive FRICS and what to do when you have it.

Engaging Schools

My Environment, My Future schools programme overview delivered by the CSTT.

How to Become a Chartered Surveyor

Webinar delivered by author Jen Lemen FRICS on becoming RICS qualified.

The Surveyor Hub Webinars

Death by Construction

Webinar by the late Malcolm Hollis on understanding buildings through disaster.

A Case Study with Malcolm Hollis

An introduction to surveys by the late Malcolm Hollis.

Off Mains Drainage

Everything you ever wanted to know about off mains drainage.

Reporting on Sustainability

How to enhance the value of your pre-purchase home surveys.

Introduction to Party Walls

Why it matters when we conduct building surveys and what we should tell our clients.

Asbestos in Residential Properties

What to look out for and and where to find the latest guidance and regulation.

Intro to Compulsory Purchase Orders

Why they matter and what you need to know as a surveyor.

Surveyors in Business

Marketing for Surveyors on a Budget

What to do before you spend any money on marketing your business.