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104 History, Women and Surveying with Carrie de Silva

Season #7 Episode #104

Carrie de Silva is a Professor of Real Estate Practice Law, working with RICS-accredited courses for many years, Carrie has also developed the materials and taught on the Sava courses for residential surveyors since 2014 and many of you will know her from the Bluebox partners days.

In this episode, we chatted about Carrie's career in law, her academic work supporting surveyors, and her interest and research into the first professional women, streets named after women and the first female surveyors.

What we cover:

• Carrie's background as an academic lawyer and her career as a Professor of Real Estate Practice Law, teaching prospective chartered surveyors for over 20 years

• Example of cases of negligence and what surveyors need to know in terms of the law in their area of work

• The work that Carries does to empower women

• First Women, a listing of women’s firsts in every industry, including Irene Barcley and Evelyn Perry, the first female chartered surveyors

• Women in Street Names, a project to highlight women in street names in the UK

• Women in Surveying - discussing the gender balance in the industry, imposter syndrome, and what can be done to empower women in the workplace

• Defining career success

• Inspiring kids with surveying

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