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098 Challenging Biases in Surveying with Selina Baptiste

Season #6 Episode #98

Selina Baptiste is a Chartered Surveyor with experience in the built environment as a commercial manager and a cost consultant. She is a Quantity Surveyor at Gardiner and Theobald.  In this frank and insightful conversation, Selina shares her experiences navigating her career as a woman of colour, a parent seeking work-life balance and the surveyor she is.

What is Covered: 

  • Selina’s journey into surveying and the hurdles she had to overcome
  • Work-life balance challenges and retention issues for women in surveying 
  • The benefits of experiencing all aspects of the built environment 
  • How the diversity topic came much more into light in the past few years in the surveying industry
  • How women surveyors can support the next generation of surveyors as role models
  • The biases Selina was exposed to throughout her career and how she responded to them

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