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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Hosted by: Marion Ellis

The podcast for surveyors who love what they do! You know you are a surveyor when you can't hold a conversation without thinking about property. From buildings and construction to the legal issues and of course...


What Surveyors Need to Know About Home Buying Selling with Kate Faulkner

Season #7 Episode #113

In this episode, Marion Ellis chats with Kate Faulkner, OBE, about the Home Buying Selling Group, the work being done to improve home buying in the UK, and the impact it could have on Residential Surveyors in the...
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Off-Mains Drainage Surveying with James Warren

Season #7 Episode #112

Today Marion Ellis chats with James Warren, Technical Director of UKDP. UKDP is a drainage company with a specialism for off-mains drainage, providing an installation, repair and survey inspection service for the...
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Survey Software, Sales, and Solutions with Gavin O'Neill

Season #7 Episode #111

Today Marion Ellis chats with Gavin O’Neill CEO of Go Report. An experienced chartered engineer with expertise in technology and the built environment, Gavin has taken the time to understand the way surveyors work and...
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Safety, Security and Surveying in Saudi Arabia with Craig Ross

Season #7 Episode #110

Many of you know Craig Ross from his time working for the RICS in London as an Associate Director for the Built Environment. Craig is a Chartered Surveyor with 25 years’ experience in the built environment, critical...
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Corporate Real Estate Surveying with Bill Jones

Season #7 Episode #109

Bill Jones is an Award-Winning Chartered Surveyor with 20 years’ experience in senior Corporate Real Estate roles. Bill is originally from The Wirral, but he has been residing in Singapore for the last 16 years. He...
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Residential Surveying and RICS Governing Council with Richard Ballam and Jonathan Milner

Season #7

In this bonus episode Marion Ellis chats with Richard Ballam and Jonathan Milner the two Residential seat candidates for the RICS Governing Council elections which close on April 24th 2023. It was recorded as a...
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108 Geospatial Surveying with Gordon Johnston

Season #7 Episode #108

Gordon Johnston is a Chartered Land Surveyor, a geospatial and hydrographic surveyor with decades of experience in this field. He is a passionate advocate for geospatial and ocean data, conservation, management and...
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107 Blame, Accountability and How We Make Buildings Safer with Gill Kernick

Season #7 Episode #107

Gill Kernick is an author, speaker and campaigner. In April 2022, Gill joined Arup University as transformation director working to shape a sustainable world. Gill is the author of Catastrophe and Systemic Change:...
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106 Building a Career in Residential Surveying with Ian Bullock

Season #7 Episode #106

Ian Bullock is an RICS Chartered Surveyor and Valuer and is Managing Director of Carpenter Surveyors, a practice specialising in all things residential property and real estate - RICS Survey & Valuation for...
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105 Celebrating a 50 Year Career in Surveying with Kathryn Ladley

Season #7 Episode #105

Kathryn Ladley has over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, by profession as a quantity surveyor and project manager. She is also an Associate Director at NPS Leeds, one of the founder members of QSi,...
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104 History, Women and Surveying with Carrie de Silva

Season #7 Episode #104

Carrie de Silva is a Professor of Real Estate Practice Law, working with RICS-accredited courses for many years, Carrie has also developed the materials and taught on the Sava courses for residential surveyors since...
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