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094 Surveyors Making a Difference Through Sustainability

Season #5 Episode #94

Why does sustainability need to be at the heart of your surveying business to keep it relevant?

On this podcast, your host, chartered surveyor, industry coach, and mentor Marion Ellis chats with Tina Paillet, Co-Founder and CEO of Circotr@de โ€“ an innovative start-up creating value from trading second-hand building materials and their embodied carbon.

Tina boasts over 25 years of experience including 12 years developing and managing one of the worldโ€™s largest real estate asset managers.

She is also Senior Vice President of RICS.

Marion and Tina discuss various topics including:

  • Why sustainability needs to be at the heart of your surveying business to keep it relevant
  • How reverse mentoring can make a difference to your knowledge and business
  • Tina's career working internationally and how she started as an architect
  • Starting a business with a purpose
  • Why Tina stood to be the next President of the RICS and her thoughts post Levitt and Bichard.

We hope you enjoy this conversation!

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