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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Hosted by: Marion Ellis

The podcast for surveyors who love what they do! You know you are a surveyor when you can't hold a conversation without thinking about property. From buildings and construction to the legal issues and of course...


103 Improving the Environmental Impact of Property with Gemma Cornwall

Season #6 Episode #103

Gemma Cornwall is a Building Surveyor and Sustainability Advisor at Anderton Gables, based in the Preston Office. Before making the switch to a career in building surveying, Gemma spent a decade teaching economics in...
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102 From Hairdressing to Award-Winning Surveyor with Zoe Baker

Season #6 Episode #102

Zoe Baker is Managing Director & Founder of Your Surveyors Ltd and the Winner of RICS Young Surveyor of the Year 2022 Award in the Residential Surveying Category. She has been working in the residential surveying...
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101 Self-Regulation in Surveying with Larry Russen

Season #6 Episode #101

Larry Russen is a well-known speaker, trainer, Chartered Building Surveyor and Spurs fan with more than 40 years’ experience in residential, commercial, and industrial property. Many of you may have heard him train...
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099 Adventures in Surveying with Stephen Scott-Fawcett

Season #6 Episode #99

Stephen Scott-Fawcett recalls his many adventures not only in surveying, but also in exploring Himalayas and Antarctica. Stephen Scott-Fawcett is a Chartered Surveyor since 1978 having been trained by the Valuation...
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098 Challenging Biases in Surveying with Selina Baptiste

Season #6 Episode #98

Selina Baptiste is a Chartered Surveyor with experience in the built environment as a commercial manager and a cost consultant. She is a Quantity Surveyor at Gardiner and Theobald.  In this frank and insightful...
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097 Building a Career in Surveying with Phill Sowden

Season #6 Episode #97

Phill Sowden is an Associate Director at Charles Parker Bennett Surveyors. He has been a residential surveyor since 1988 in Preston & Lancashire and was elected as a member of the RICS in May 1994.He has an...
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096 Leasehold Enfranchisement Explained with Alison Stone

Season #6 Episode #96

Alison Stone MRICS is a Chartered Surveyor, specialising in lease extensions and leasehold enfranchisement valuations, negotiations and tribunals. She has successfully negotiated against many of the large freeholders,...
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