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096 Leasehold Enfranchisement Explained with Alison Stone

Season #6 Episode #96

Alison Stone MRICS is a Chartered Surveyor, specialising in lease extensions and leasehold enfranchisement valuations, negotiations and tribunals. She has successfully negotiated against many of the large freeholders, getting the best agreements in place for her clients. With award-winning expertise, her company achieved Highly Commended in 2021 Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards.

What is Covered: 

  • How Alison became a surveyor joining the profession later in her career
  • How Alison got into this niche of valuation work and who her clients are
  • What is leasehold enfranchisement?
  • What are ground rents?
  • Why ground rents escalated and how the new legislation deals with it
  • How Alison gets all the information and calculates the value of a leased property
  • What qualifications you need to do this kind of valuations
  • How to negotiate with freeholders and at what point courts can get involved
  • Alisonā€™s challenges and lessons learned since she set up her own business 

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