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102 From Hairdressing to Award-Winning Surveyor with Zoe Baker

Season #6 Episode #102

Zoe Baker is Managing Director & Founder of Your Surveyors Ltd and the Winner of RICS Young Surveyor of the Year 2022 Award in the Residential Surveying Category. 

She has been working in the residential surveying industry for almost 10 years in various operational and management roles, and now as a surveyor and business owner. She has achieved the Level 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying & Valuation, completed through SAVA and obtained an AssocRICS accreditation with the RICS.

Initially trained to be a hairdresser and working in the hairdressing industry, she has successfully tranferred creativity and people skills obtained in her early career to her surveying practice. 

What We Cover: 

  • How Zoe transitioned from hairdressing to surveying industry
  • The unique qualities and talents that Zoe developed in her early career
  • How to express your unique style in a technical profession such as surveying
  • The experience of setting up a surveying business and why Zoe decided to take that path
  • Why customer service and client relations are key elements in surveying 
  • Time management as a key skill for a business owner
  • What the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year Award means for Zoe 

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