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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Hosted by: Marion Ellis

The podcast for surveyors who love what they do! You know you are a surveyor when you can't hold a conversation without thinking about property. From buildings and construction to the legal issues and of course...


090. Thank Goodness for Lionheart with CEO Davina Goodchild

Season #4 Episode #90

We are very lucky to have LionHeart - the benevolent organisation for RICS professionals - in our lives.The LionHeart's support team help RICS professionals and their families through problems - from confidential...
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089. Positivity, YSOYA and Supporting RICS with Rory Murphy

Season #4 Episode #89

How do you continue to maintain a positive mindset and attitude?A positive attitude - even if it is just a smile - improves the way people see you (and even your company). Positivity is infectious and being...
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088. Welcome back to The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Season #4 Episode #88

In this episode, your host chartered surveyor, industry coach and mentor Marion Ellis shares some insights and background to the podcast for new listeners - how it got started and what's been happening for her in...
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