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099 Adventures in Surveying with Stephen Scott-Fawcett

Season #6 Episode #99

Stephen Scott-Fawcett recalls his many adventures not only in surveying, but also in exploring Himalayas and Antarctica.

Stephen Scott-Fawcett is a Chartered Surveyor since 1978 having been trained by the Valuation Office. He next attended Cambridge University and, after graduating, joined Martin & Mortimer as a full equity partner in June 1987. Stephen developed the business over the next 24 years and became a senior consultant in January 2011. He specialises in detailed building survey and valuation work, in both residential and commercial sectors. He is also and experienced Himalayan traveller, and has academic interest in Polar history as an author, editor, lecturer and conference facilitator. 

What is Covered: 

  • How Stephen started and then came back to the surveying career after spending some time as a vicar
  • Where the surveying work and serving in a parish intersect 
  • How the surveying industry changed post Financial Service Act from 1986
  • What Stephen’s experience running a business was like
  • The building survey he designed to help the home vendors and purchasers
  • Stephen’s interests in Nepal and Antarctica 
  • How surveyors can help with mitigating climate change 

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