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097 Building a Career in Surveying with Phill Sowden

Season #6 Episode #97

Phill Sowden is an Associate Director at Charles Parker Bennett Surveyors. He has been a residential surveyor since 1988 in Preston & Lancashire and was elected as a member of the RICS in May 1994.

He has an impressive track record, having worked throughout the changed ownership at Entwistle Green/Black Horse Surveying Services, BBG Surveyors, Securemove Property Services (as Deputy area Surveyor) and finally, Countrywide Surveyors between 1988 to 2006. From 2006 to 2020, Phil was with Farrell Heyworth Surveyors as a Director from 2007. Before joining CPB Phill was an area surveyor for SDL Surveyors.

What is Covered: 

  • How to secure proper training for surveyors in the commercial world of today
  • Why there is a huge need for new surveyors and what firms can do to offer a career path to surveyors
  • The variety of a surveyorā€™s job and what made Phill change his job during the lockdown 
  • The benefits and challenges of hybrid work arrangement for surveyors
  • How the qualification path for surveyors can be improved and why the available qualifications do not necessarily reflect someoneā€™s level of experience

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