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Coaching and connecting surveyors to navigate the business journey that's right for you


Hi, I'm Marion Ellis  

After a fulfilling yet demanding career in corporate surveying, I reached a point of burnout that made me question what it meant to be a surveyor and I eventually stepped away from the organisation. It’s fair to say I felt my career as a surveyor was over and I felt unemployable.

The turning point came with the invaluable support of mentors and colleagues, guiding me towards a new chapter where I embraced teaching valuation and leading a training business. This transition not only reignited my passion for surveying but also allowed me to explore supporting fellow surveyors in managing their own small practices.



Embarking on the journey of self-employment brought a newfound sense of freedom, yet it also highlighted the importance of setting and managing personal boundaries and managing the risk we take in our businesses. It taught me the significance of prioritising what truly matters, and the challenge of recognising the need for help before it's too late.

Reflecting on the past six years, the transformation is profound. Today, I stand confident and fulfilled, engaging in work that is both enjoyable and impactful, alongside clients who truly value my expertise. My approach to surveying has evolved, leveraging my strengths in a way that resonates more authentically with who I am.




You can become the surveyor you want to be, run the business the way you want to and give back in a way which suits you.


It's in this spirit that I founded the Love Surveying Coaching and Mastermind programmes, a space where like-minded professionals can thrive in a secure and nurturing setting.


The right support can change everything


Utilising my specialist sector experience and network, I support many organisations including customer and employee experience, engagement and insight,  culture and approach to risk and claims in your business. 

Always up for a chat and a brainstorm.

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Coaching and

I have a limited number of slots each month to work more closely with surveyors of all kinds. If you feel stuck and need motivation to take the next step, whatever stage of your career you are at, get in touch.

Sometimes a sounding board is all you need.


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The Mastermind Programme

My 12-month mastermind for small business owners is a confidential circle of trust and regular coaching can help transform your business, improve your confidence and work-life balance.  

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