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Survey Software, Sales, and Solutions with Gavin O'Neill

Season #7 Episode #111

Today Marion Ellis chats with Gavin O’Neill CEO of Go Report.

An experienced chartered engineer with expertise in technology and the built environment, Gavin has taken the time to understand the way surveyors work and how technology can support them. Supporting lots of different types of surveying work, GoReport offers a solution to enables digital data capture and the production of high-quality output reports for those working in the built environment.

In this episode, we discuss how new technology has shaped surveying in the past, what it might affect in the future, the way Gavin helps find everyday solutions for sole traders, and how to best use the software available to us.

What is Covered: 

  • 01:11 - Gavin's story of engineering and being a problem solver
  • 10:10 - Avoiding commoditisation with digital technology
  • 18:30 - The journey of GoReport
  • 29:20 - Advice for investing and adopting new technology
  • 41:00 - Accessibility in digital and surveying software
  • 46:20 - ChatGPT and surveying


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