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106 Building a Career in Residential Surveying with Ian Bullock

Season #7 Episode #106

Ian Bullock is an RICS Chartered Surveyor and Valuer and is Managing Director of Carpenter Surveyors, a practice specialising in all things residential property and real estate - RICS Survey & Valuation for private and secured lending clients and Expert Witness reports.

In this episode, we discuss Ian's career path, what made him decide to move from a corporate to an SME environment, the pros and cons of working for both, and his new business venture - Surventrix.

What we cover:

  • His career journey, starting on the Countrywide Surveyors TechRICS trainee program after university and then jointly running his business, Carpenter Surveyors.
  • Working in a corporate environment versus for an SME – pros and cons.
  • Why Ian decided to leave his corporate career to join an SME environment.
  • How to deal with complaints/claims
  • Reporting – how easy and accessible are surveyors’ reports?
  • Information sharing and support within the industry – what’s lacking
  • How Carpenter Surveyors evolved over the years
  • Talking about his new venture – Surventrix (Proptech) – a software solution for the surveying and finance sector designed by surveyors for surveyors.

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