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What Surveyors Need to Know About Home Buying Selling with Kate Faulkner

Season #7 Episode #113

In this episode, Marion Ellis chats with Kate Faulkner, OBE, about the Home Buying Selling Group, the work being done to improve home buying in the UK, and the impact it could have on Residential Surveyors in the future.

It was recorded as a webinar and shared with The Surveyor Hub Community as an opportunity to answer some of the common queries around the group and how Residential Surveyors can get involved.

The podcast also covers various topics, from the proposals for upfront information and how technology can facilitate this to questions about PI Insurance and Kate's tips for the Surveying community to get involved with the process.

What is Covered: 

  • 1.00 - What the Home Buying Selling Group is, and how it's evolved
  • 28.00 - How is a Home Information Pack different to Upfront Information?
  • 45.00 - Questions about PI insurance and how it affects surveyors
  • 51.40 - Kate's Tips for Surveyors


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