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Off-Mains Drainage Surveying with James Warren

Season #7 Episode #112

Today Marion Ellis chats with James Warren, Technical Director of UKDP.

UKDP is a drainage company with a specialism for off-mains drainage, providing an installation, repair and survey inspection service for the general public, the insurance industry (insurers/loss adjusters), estate agents, conveyancers, land agents and private estates

In this episode, we discuss how UKDP was born, how it's evolved, increasing the standards in James's industry and the best way of working with surveyors to ensure they're up to speed with all current and applicable regulations

What is Covered: 

  • 0.10 - What off-mains drainage is, and how it's regulated
  • 11.20 - The role and flaws of modern regulation in Off-Mains Drainage
  • 28.41 - James’s Journey, UKDP, and Management Expectations
  • 46.30 - Visibility on Social Media for Surveyors


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