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The Surveyor Hub Podcast

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Hosted by: Marion Ellis

The podcast for surveyors who love what they do! You know you are a surveyor when you can't hold a conversation without thinking about property. From buildings and construction to the legal issues and of course...


076 Pricing Your Surveys for Profit

Season #3 Episode #76

Do you know what it costs to run your business? Perhaps you earn enough, you do all right, and don't think it's right or possible to charge a higher fee than you already do. Either way, every business has an ebb and...
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075 How to Deal with a Property Claim with Duncan Greenwood

Season #3 Episode #75

Duncan Greenwood is a Partner at DAC Beachcroft LLP, a global legal practice with offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America focusing on insurance, health, and real estate sectors. He is a professional...
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074 Protecting Your Surveying Business Practice

Season #3 Episode #74

Well-run businesses generally get fewer complaints and claims, and they're certainly less complex ones. There are three main areas you need to focus on when it comes to protecting your practice as a surveyor. These...
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073 Maria Coulter and The Construction Revolution

Season #3 Episode #73

Maria Coulter is the Founder of Construction Coach, helping clients to grow stronger, more profitable and happier businesses. She is the starter of The Construction Revolution to get away from the 'race to the bottom'...
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072 Comparisonitis and Why You Need Competitors

Season #3 Episode #72

When you know who you are being in business or life, you aren't compelled to compete. Why? Because you're clear on who you serve, what you do, the value you bring to your clients and you are able to charge what you're...
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071 Surveying Industry from a Female Perspective

Season #3 Episode #71

This week Marion sat down with Rebecca Jenkins and Michaela Perry-Kay for a Women in Surveying chat. Rebecca Jenkins is a Chartered Building Surveyor based in Sussex. The company, Sussex Surveyors, is based in Hove...
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070 The Risk in Your Business

Season #3 Episode #70

At least once a week, a surveyor contacts me who has received a complaint or claim and doesn't know what to do, or is now struggling to obtain PII insurance. And yes, while the market for insurance isn't great, the...
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069 Investigation Complaints with Suki Gill at RICS

Season #3 Episode #69

Suki Kaur Gill is the Head of Investigations at RICS. She is responsible for enabling RICS to meet its obligations to deliver effective self-regulation, by delivering high quality, transparent and robust regulatory...
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068 Planning Your Business

Season #3 Episode #68

Whether they are small business owners, managers, CEOs or students aspiring to run their own businesses, surveyors often reach out to me for help with business planning. There's a million different gurus, methods,...
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067 How to Become a Chartered Surveyor with Jen Lemen

Season #3 Episode #67

Jen Lemen is a co-founder of Property Elite, Chartered Surveyor and RICS APC assessor. She is the author of 'How to Become a Chartered Surveyor', published by Routledge. She is also an experienced property consultant...
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066 What’s your motivation?

Season #3 Episode #66

A question I'm asked a lot by surveyors is “Should I work for myself or not?”  Maybe you are a student starting out. Maybe you’re employed but not being able to create the work life balance that you crave. Or you...
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065 Women in Surveying: Visibility and Mental Wellbeing

Season #3 Episode #65

We’ve hosted a panel of Women in Surveying to discuss working under COVID, surveyors’ visibility and taking care of mental wellbeing, especially for surveyors who are also parents. Participating surveyors were Emma...
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