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When business is about people, planet and profit, in that order, everyone wins

If a business can become a vehicle for good, why wouldn't you want to make a difference? 

Marion Ellis FRICS, Love Surveying 


Despite the numerous properties we visit every day, week, month, and year, the number of property professionals we speak with, and the clients we help, surveyors can feel stuck and powerless in our work.

I have felt it too. There have been times when I felt lost and wondered why I bothered to become a surveyor in the first place.

It doesn’t help that on the one hand surveyors are stereotyped and trying to explain what we do and who we help is confusing for anyone who is not familiar with our range of work.

No matter what our motivations are, and even if we do find our big Why, feeling trapped stops us from making an impact we aspired to at the start of our careers.


In my experience, what stops surveyors from making the most of the opportunity to become a business for good comes down to this:

  • How we feel about being visible, as business owners and standing up for our values 
  • How confident we are about our expertise, knowledge, and opinions - and what other surveyors might think
  • A surveying culture that does not set us up for success. 

The consequence is, despite the opportunities, surveyors are not making the impact they could in the world today.

I want that to change. And that's why I beleive we need to focus on personal development as surveyors, as well as the technical skills.

What if, every time we did business, something good happened in the world?


In 2022, Love Surveying became a B1G1 Global Partner, aligning our work and business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) business. Every time something happens in our business from new clients, attending workshops, getting feedback and reviews as well as off setting our carbon foot print through travel, an impact is made somewhere else in the world.

And if we can do it, then you can too, and we'll show you how.




The Surveyor Hub Podcast


We like to think of the podcast as dropping into a conversation between a couple of surveyors. We never quite know what will happen.

Every time we receive a podcast or Google review, blocks of recycled plastic waste is given to build classrooms in Indonesia following the 2018 earthquake. 


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The Surveyor Hub Community


Our idea of community has changed over the past few years, not least because of a global pandemic changing the way we live. Community means to have something in common and for us, it's that we #lovesurveying 

Whenever a volunteer hosts a session, we give a Beautiful Society Bundle bundle of support to various worthy causes.

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Support for every surveyor


No matter where you are on your journey as a surveyor there is support available and we recommend organisations such as Lionheart, Building People and professional membership bodies such as the RICS.

You can find surveyors through our Hub Directory and every time someone signs up,support through this project plants tree saplings throughout the world

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Our Giving Stories 

Proud to support initiatives and organisations making a difference to surveyors lives and work

UN Sustainable Development Goals we align to

A friend of mine recently delivered his brilliant TEDx talk published on YouTube.

And because it sets out a simple step-by-step process we can use in our lives, families and workplaces to help make the world a better place by tackling problems such as poverty, hunger and climate change, I thought you would like to see it.

It's called “Tipping the Global Legacy Scales For Good”, and I recommend it.