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Recommended Podcasts for Surveyors

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Since starting The Surveyor Hub Podcast in early 2019, several great podcasts aimed at surveyors have been launched. Never one to not share helpful information with surveyors, I’ve collated a list of my favourites. 

Not all the podcasts are professionally produced - the sound and content quality vary, as do the resources and show notes.  I find it incredible what surveyors can do on a shoestring and with enthusiasm - The Surveyor Hub is very much at that end. Some are very niche, and others have evolved over time. 


About Podcasts

I often get asked by more mature surveyors and those who are less tech-savvy what podcasts are and how to access them (a reminder to younger surveyors who are ‘down with the tech’ that being helpful goes a long way).  A podcast is a digital audio program like a talk radio show. They are usually created in a batch - a series of episodes or seasons, which you can download or stream from the internet and are kept organised in a podcast app. You will likely have one installed on your phone - iPhone users will have Apple Podcasts, and Android users can use the Play Music app. The advantage of being on your phone is that you can take it anywhere - many surveyors tell me they listen to podcasts as they drive to appointments or walk the dog.

Most podcasts are also hosted on a website, so where I can, I’ve provided that link, but you can find them by searching the name via whichever podcast app you use. 


RICS Podcasts

It’s great that our professional body has a podcast - in fact, they have four which are streamed out together, so on the one hand, you get a bit of variety; on the other, you might find some of the content irrelevant, and unless you access them via the website, it’s hard to filter them out.

  • WBEF Podcast - WBEF stands for the World Built Environment Forum - and the podcast is described as conversations on the major issues affecting the built and natural environment. The podcast includes discussions with industry leaders, future thinkers, and disruptors on topics of key importance spanning urbanisation, digital transformation, the natural environment, and the economy.
  • Sector Highlights - described as covering the key issues and insights into the main surveying sectors with industry experts. Some of the sessions are very topical and could be considered personal development. 
  • Modus Podcast - Most members think of Modus as a member magazine when it is more a vehicle to showcase and celebrate the hard work of RICS members as they shape and influence the world around us. You will find it online and now as a podcast. Modus looks at the big picture, focusing on those who build, value and manage the built and natural environments. 
  • Candidate Support Podcast - Designed with APC candidates and students in mind, this podcast offers advice and perspective on all aspects of the assessment journey. You’ll find conversations with experienced assessors and counsellors sharing hints and tips to get you through.

Access the RICS Podcast Here

Recommended for: Surveyors of all levels will find something insightful here,, just filter out what you want.


The SurveYOUR Podcast

There haven't been any recent podcasts released, but these podcasts are worth a listen. Presented by former RICS Governing Council Members James Baker and Jon Lever, the SurveYOUR Podcast is aimed at the surveying profession and those wanting to achieve their APC. There are also interviews and panel conversations with other surveyors and in-depth discussions on the Levitt and Bichard reviews and what good governance looks like. If you can’t find it under SurveYOUR, search for SurvPod. 

Access the SurveYOUR Podcast here

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the Levitt Review and Bichard Recommendations, APC candidates and those supporting them.


The GeoHolics Podcast

The Geoholics, brought to you by Kent Groh and Sean Fabor with a range of co-hosts, including Mark Taylor, Nikolas Smilovsky and Peta Cox, is pure fun. These guys are too cool for school; it's like listening to a local (but international) radio channel.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by them a little while ago - you can listen in here and see the little video I did here (yes, I know, I don’t know what came over me!). And although it’s aimed at those working in geospatial, they cover a huge range of topics and a variety of guests.  

Access The Geoholics Podcast here

Recommended for: This is for you if you love music, sport, drones, surveying, geospatial, geomatics, GIS and civil engineering and don’t want to feel left out.


Let’s Talk About The Built Environment Podcast

A monthly podcast brought to you by Anderton Gables, a Project and Building Consultancy providing down-to-earth, commercially aware advice and protection to building owners, occupiers and developers.  The podcast covers various topics from career journeys to the technical juicy stuff, and is hosted by surveyor Jonathan Shaw, a RICS Dilapidations Steering Group member. 

Access Let’s Talk About The Built Environment Podcast here

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to get a wider insight into the realities of commercial surveying and sustainability. 


The LionHeart Podcast

LionHeart is a benevolent charity which supports RICS members and their families. They have a range of services, from financial education to coaching and supporting anyone from students to retired RICS members. They also have a range of online webinars - some are live, others accessed via the webinar library; given so many surveyors are on the road, it's good to see their resources becoming more accessible.

Access The LionHeart Podcast here

Recommended for: Anyone, literally anyone.


Survey Booker Sessions

Survey Booker is an online tool for managing sales leads and progressing instructions. Whether you are on a tech journey within your business or not, the podcast is a valuable resource for many small business owners, packed with tips and advice from leading industry experts - including me! Hosted by Matt Nally, Matt was an early guest on The Surveyor Hub podcast during lockdown. A bonus is that Matt is very prepared and gives his podcast structure (unlike me).

Access the Survey Booker Sessions here

Recommended for: anyone thinking of the future of their business, growth and technology.


Super-Prime UK Podcast

Chartered surveyor Rob Cohen and James Wild, host Super-Prime UK, there is nothing these chaps do not know, so even if this is not your area of work, it is worth a listen for keeping up to date with current market trends, data and intel with transparency. They share everything you need to know on commercial and residential property to impact lending, pricing and products all across the property market. And they are nice guys, too.

Access the Super-Prime UK Podcast here

Recommended for: Valuers who want to get to grips with the big numbers, the market and trends.


Honest Property Investment with Natasha Collins 

There are a lot of male podcast hosts, so I’m pleased to share this one from chartered surveyor Natasha Collins. Aimed at investors who don't want to take shortcuts, Natasha shares smart investment strategies for commercial property and mixed-use property investors, often sharing her own experiences of being a commercial surveyor and investor. Surveyors and valuers can learn a lot from these podcasts.

Access the Honest Property Investment Podcast here

Recommended for: Surveyors who want to understand how clients approach property investment better.


EG Property Podcasts  

Not everyone is subscribed (or can afford) to the Estate Gazette magazine, so this is an accessible freebie instead. Much like the suite of RICS podcasts, the EG Property Podcast is a mash of the latest news, views and debates from the commercial property industry.  The titles vary from Bricks & Mortar, Voice of the Region, EG like a Sunday Morning (see what they did there?), amongst many others. 

A mix of regular short interviews and the weekly news round-up covering the whole of the commercial property industry, this really does have a ‘magazine’ feel to it.  Presenters include Jess Harrold, Samantha McClary and Sarah Jackman, amongst others. I recorded a short podcast with Sarah Jackman recently talking about neurodiversity following my contribution to the EG Starting out in real estate guide, which you can view here.  

Access EG Property Podcasts here.

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to keep up to date on a wide range of property matters.


The Property Elite Podcast

If you are looking for APC-focused tips, check out Property Elite Podcast - a series of nice, short and sharp podcasts to help trainee surveyors and those starting to getting through the APC.  I’ve often wondered why more surveyors don’t tune into resources aimed at those working to get chartered. Some of the content is very relevant and is often a great free way of staying current.  The podcast is presented by chartered surveyor Jennifer Lemen, who handily wrote a book called How to Become a Chartered Surveyor and joined me on The Surveyor Hub podcast.

Access the Property Elite Podcast here.

Recommended for: Those studying and starting their surveying careers.


Let me know your recommendations and any podcasts you enjoy tuning into as a surveyor. Don’t forget to rate, review and follow the podcasts, as it really does make a difference to know the content we put out is making a difference.  

Marion Ellis
Founder of Love Surveying, The Surveyor Hub and Women in Surveying
Coach, Mentor and Business Consultant for Surveyors


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