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Coaching: Unleashing the Power of Motivational Maps® for Surveyors in Business

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Motivation is the driving force behind every successful business and individual. Understanding what motivates us to become surveyors, specialising in the type of work we do, and what might make us want to work for ourselves is key to success, job satisfaction, and a much happier life.  In small businesses, where resources are limited, tapping into your and your team members' true motivations can be a game-changer. 

A tool I use with my coaching clients, which is included for anyone joining the Love Surveying Mastermind, is Motivational Maps®. In this blog, I want to share what Motivational Maps® are and why they can be immensely helpful when working with small businesses.


What are Motivational Maps®?

Motivational Maps® are an ISO-accredited self-perception online assessment based on responses to a questionnaire. It’s not a crystal ball, and it’s not a personality test. It’s a profiling tool which creates a view, which we call a map, that goes beyond surface-level understanding. It helps us separate what we are doing, could be, and should be doing if we want to continue being motivated by our work.  Here's what Motivational Maps® can help you discover:


Identifying Motivational Factors: These factors motivate a person, uncovering the unique drivers that fuel their actions.

Desired Motivation: Motivational Maps® ascertains the type of motivation an individual wants and needs at work to achieve high performance.

Current Motivation Levels: They measure the extent to which an individual's motivators are currently being met in their work environment.

Personalised Reward Strategies: Motivational Maps® enable the identification of appropriate and personalized reward strategies that resonate with each individual.

Action Planning: They facilitate action planning to maximise each individual's motivation levels, enabling better performance.

Insights into Preferences: These maps provide insights into an individual's approach to risk, change, and other preferences, such as pace and how to respond to others.


Your Individual Motivational Map®

The process of creating an individual Motivational Map® is straightforward. It involves responding to 36 statements grouped into pairs, where the individual indicates their preference for each statement, whether stronger or weaker. Once the questionnaire is completed, I will analyse it as a trained coach and licensed practitioner. You will have a session with me and a debrief to discuss your results and next steps. I include a map and debrief when I work with all my one-to-one and mastermind clients.


How Does the Motivational Map® Work?

There are nine motivational factors grouped into three distinct clusters. Each factor has specific traits and preferences, some complementary, while others may create potential tension. The resulting report displays the nine motivators in order of dominance and may also identify a dominant cluster if one is present. Additionally, the report highlights the extent to which each motivator is being fulfilled, providing a detailed insight into the top three and lowest motivators in the profile.


Benefits of Using Motivational Maps® in Small Business Coaching

I’ve been on different sides of a small business using motivational mapping; as a client, I used them in my business at BlueBox Partners. I have also worked with many small businesses in the surveying sector. I have utilised many different profiling tools, and this one resonates most with my clients and me. 

Completing a Motivational Map® promotes better self-awareness, which, in turn, brings increased motivation and performance. Where focus goes, energy flows, as they say. Most surveyors have never explored any personal development, yet the more you know yourself, the better you can create a business you love.

I have also worked with clients who wanted to improve their appraisal and reviews, succession planning and leadership, and recruitment and retention.

Understanding and harnessing motivation can make the difference between thriving and struggling small businesses. Motivational Maps®, together with coaching support, can offer a powerful tool to unlock the potential of individuals and teams, leading to increased motivation, engagement, and, ultimately, success. By utilising these maps in coaching, small businesses can create a workplace culture that fosters personal and organisational growth while gaining a competitive edge, all in a way which feels right for you.


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Marion Ellis
Founder of Love Surveying, The Surveyor Hub and Women in Surveying
Coach, Mentor and Business Consultant for Surveyors


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