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SMEs: CPD for Surveyors to Explore in 2024

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People come to The Surveyor Hub for the content and stay for the community. Recommendations for CPD are something I am asked about A LOT. 

So I have collated a list in the hope it signposts you to find the training and support you need.  These suggestions have come from Hub members, some I have attended or am planning to attend in 2024.

I would add that I am not paid or sponsored to promote any of these events; it’s just a helpful list, and if you are ever recommended CPD, always check if a referral or sponsorship fee is being paid. Not everyone is transparent about it, and while I could make (some) money through sponsorship, it feels wholly inauthentic, and so I don't. I would rather any training provider earn the right to your time, investment, and trust in their organisation by contributing to the community and delivering good value—that's why these are suggestions and not recommendations.

Not all of these providers are supporters of The Hub either, but I won’t hold that against them. If you sign up, tell them where you heard about their services, and it may encourage them to be a bit more generous!

Before you dig in, you might find this article helpful. Consider planning next year's CPD so you don't get caught out last minute. I’d also argue that it is worth investing in the right events and training - as specialist content providers, many of which are small businesses, deserve to be paid for their skill and knowledge and you deserve to get good value for your investment.

In-person events for SMEs

Many of next year's dates have not been confirmed yet so that I will do an update. However, there are two events to bring to your attention.

Firstly, I am moderating a discussion panel at the RICS Building Surveying Conference on 7th May 2024, London, to discuss top tips for practice management from PII to marketing and cash flow management. I don’t have a link to share yet, but I will let you know when it is available. These conferences are expensive (early bird usually £248+VAT), and they are not affordable to all SMEs, but I have found them helpful and of good quality, so I try and attend where I can. 

The much more affordable at £99 is the Surventrix Connect conference on 31st January in Birmingham. Created by surveyor Ian Bullock, it's an event not to miss if you are a small business, especially as they also have a panel dedicated to complaint handling and a marketing mastermind session, amongst other great sessions. I'm delivering a keynote in the afternoon, and they have kindly offered me a stand if you want to chat during the break. 

Book the Surventrix Connect conference here.


I’m hoping to attend some of the following events in 2024, subject to budget and dates, over the next year - I will let you know more about dates when they become available - 

UK Construction Week  London 7-9 May, Birmingham 

London Build Nov 20 - 21 2024, London 1-3 October 2024

RPSA Events - various locations, dates TBC

SAVA Careers Fair - Covernty, date TBC

ISVA Regional and Annual Conference - various locations, date TBC

Avery & Co Annual Conference - Liverpool, date TBC

RICS Conferences -

UK&I Valuation Conference 6 March 2024, London

Dilapidations Conference 26 March 20924, London


Improving your technical knowledge

Tim Kenny and Geoff Hunt are two people I follow and are great if you want to improve or refresh your residential surveying knowledge. They are both very generous with their content on LinkedIn and YouTube and occasionally contribute to conversations in the Hub or share helpful videos. Although different in style, both also offer a range of mentoring services, and I note that Tim has a one-day event on 12th February, which looks worth attending. You can find more details here or email [email protected]

Book Level 3 Report Writing Workshop



I suggest you read this article if you are not familiar with podcasts. It also lists podcasts relevant to surveyors, but I would particularly like to bring your attention to the following - 

The Survey Booker Podcast

Survey Booker is a software platform used by many small businesses, and the podcast is a goldmine of information from a broad range of surveying and business experts expertly interviewed by Matt Nally. 

Access Survey Booker Sessions here

PS - this is a podcast but has videos, too, so you can choose your preferred format.

LionHeart Talks

This podcast from Lionheart covers various discussion topics, from coping with change to managing difficult situations at work. 

Access LionHeart Talks here.

The Surveyor Hub Podcast

Now running into its 4th year, the podcast aims to help you feel part of the conversations in your network, but some are more specific CPD, including leasehold valuations, off-mains drainage and claims. I challenge you to listen to something you might have ordinarily disregarded as irrelevant - you may learn something new.

Access The Surveyor Hub Podcast here.


Online CPD Providers

The Surveyor Hub Webinars

You can watch a series of webinars delivered by Hub volunteers on replay whenever suits you. Most are around an hour long, and we add to them periodically with topics ranging from party walls, asbestos and CPOs to marketing for small businesses and how to achieve FRICS.

Access the Surveyor Hub webinars here.


Lionheart Online Library

Lionheart, the benevolent fund which supports RICS members and their families, has a range of CPD which can be classed as personal development and cover everything from creating your LinkedIn profile to managing your mental health.

Access the Online Library here.


 Centre for Building Conservation Studies

Some affordable online events, including a Lunchtime CPD Series - Negligence Claims and Reducing Your Risk and How To Do A 'Damp' Inspection Properly, caught my eye. Delivered by Duncan Philips and colleagues, this is first-class learning.

Access the online events here.


Coleman Diagnostics

Supporting the Colemantor App is a series of tutorials and videos on dampness and mould - very much a hot topic with consumers.

Access the training here.


Lease Extension Valuations

These are uncertain times following the King's speech this autumn, but this training from Alison Stone will help you navigate the road ahead.

Access the training here.


BE Conservation

Stephen Boniface offers a range of events, including a how-to-draw and a new Heritage Conservation Community due to launch in 2024

Access the training here.



RICS offer a range of training for their members, and these two free sessions, which count as formal CPD, are worth attending to boost your hours. In my view, they are worth attending even if you are not a valuer, as compliance is important to all.

RICS Red Book Compliance Workshop Basics Access the training here.

Client Money Workshop Access the training here.


Environment Study Centre

If you want to improve your knowledge of dampness, then look at this one-day course. In addition, if you are considering learning about retrofit, John Edwards delivers the most comprehensive training around. I hear there are some funded places for their 2-day courses, but you must register soon as the registration date closes at the end of March. I attended this recently and got a lot out of it.

Access the training here.


Other CPD Training Providers

Finally, there are many CPD providers out there providing training for surveyors through packages and courses. Many of the same trainers and speakers do the circuit, so if you miss one, check out another provider.

Property Elite

Cambridge Finance

Professional Conferences

CPD Essentials

Property Training Solutions

SAVA Technical Webinars and Training


MBL Seminars

I'd love to hear your suggestions and recommendations, and I have most likely missed some. I'll update this list as and when more CPD becomes available.

I'd love to hear your suggestions and recommendations. If you found this article helpful, please share it and show your support by leaving me a Google review, or you can Buy Me a CoffeeBeing a small business just like you, it makes all the difference.


Marion Ellis
Founder of Love Surveying, The Surveyor Hub and Women in Surveying
Coach, Mentor and Business Consultant for Surveyors


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