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Joshim Uddin - Development Viability and Social Value

Season #8

Today Marion Ellis chats with Joshim Uddin, a Chartered Surveyor in Tower Hamlets and RICS Matrics Award Winner.

Joshim is a Chartered Surveyor who leads a public sector development viability service. The key purpose of his role is to ensure maximum levels of affordable housing/developer contributions is provided as part of planning applications for new development schemes for local residents.

In this episode, we discuss development viability, the public sector and local authorities, the RICS Matrics surveyor of the year award, and the purpose of work and social value.

What Is Covered

  • 3.44 - Role Models and Inspiration in Surveying
  • 16.42 - Joshim’s perspective on the PGP
  • 22.04 - Joshim’s work in Tower Hamlets
  • 34.08 - Discussion on Social Value