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Chris Rispin - Creating a Better Surveying Profession

Season #8

Today, Marion chats with Chris Rispin, the author of many notable books and papers in the residential and valuation surveying sector and a regular contributor to The Surveyor Hub Community.  

Now retired, Chris was the former Managing Director of BlueBox Partners, previously Technical Director at Allied Surveyors. 

In this episode, they discuss his career and the transformative years of being in surveying practice from naive practitioner to experienced Technical Director.

What Is Covered

  • 12.46 - How and why surveyors used to report

  •  22.40 - RICS Guidance and how it evolved during Chris’s career

  •  31.15 - AVM's and AI
  •  45.33 - Chris's contributions to the RICS Red Book

  •  50.18 - Chris's time at BlueBox partners