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036 Sustainability, Wellbeing and Interior Design with Elina Grigoriou

Episode #36

Elina Grigoriou is a London-based Interior Designer, Sustainability and Wellbeing Expert, as well as the Co-Founder of Grigoriou Interiors.

With 20 years’ experience in the global commercial interior design sector, Elina’s extensive knowledge of human-centric design is complemented by an eye for aesthetics and in-depth sustainability know-how. She works at the heart of the latest industry developments and initiatives regarding sustainability and Circular Design Economy, partnering with national and global institutions to drive and support collaborative approaches for systemic change.

In 2017, Elina was awarded Honorary Membership to the RICS in recognition of her dedication and work promoting sustainability in the property sector. In 2019, her book ‘Wellbeing in Interiors, Philosophy, Design & Value in Practice’ was published by RIBA.

What We Cover:

  • Elina’s passion for sustainability and wellbeing, and the vision behind Grigoriou Interiors
  • How a surveyor can recognise good design when they walk into a property
  • The new interior design needs that have emerged with working from home during the lockdown
  • How surveyors can upskill themselves and become more active in promoting sustainability in their work
  • Elina’s honorary membership at RICS, and the need for overlapping between different professions in the property sector

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