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044 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Marion Ellis

Season #2 Episode #44

In the last episode of this year, we are turning the table and lending the host role over to chartered surveyor Daniel Hindson, who is interviewing Marion Ellis, the founder of The Surveyor Hub and Women in Surveying Initiative, as well as Managing Director of BlueBox Partners.

With 20 years’ experience in the residential property sector, and having qualified as a chartered surveyor in 2004, Marion has developed a deep understanding of the challenges that many in the surveying profession face. She is currently leading The Surveyor Hub Mastermind, where she mentors surveyors who want to improve their business skills and have interest in personal development. What Is Covered:

  • Marion’s journey into the surveying profession
  • How Women in Surveying came about
  • How The Surveyor Hub started
  • Experience with RICS Governing Council
  • What is The Surveyor Hub Mastermind
  • The importance of wellbeing in business

Connect with Marion Ellis:

Connecting with Daniel Hindson: