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046 Dr Samantha Organ - Young Building Surveyor of the Year 2020

Season #2 Episode #46

Dr Samantha Organ is a Chartered Surveyor and experienced Senior Lecturer with a history of working in higher education. She holds a PhD in energy efficiency, with particular research interests in energy efficiency and conservation, and skills in sustainable development and environmental awareness.ā€Øā€Ø

Samantha is a member of the RICS Matrics UK Board, and the Winner of Young Building Surveyor of the Year 2020. She was a Finalist of Women of the Future Awards 2019, was shortlisted Young Surveyor of the Year Award 2018, and for UWE SU Outstanding Teaching Award 2019. She was Nominated for The National Trust Playing Your Part Award 2018 and 2019.

What Is Covered:

  • Samanthaā€™s PhD research into what motivates people to improve their homes
  • Samanthaā€™s background and how she became a lecturer in building surveying
  • The importance of awards to promote the surveying profession more widely
  • The challenges for both students and lecturers during the pandemic

Connect with Dr Samantha Organ:

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