077 Women in Surveying in the UAE

Season #3 Episode #77

For this week’s episode of Women in Surveying, Marion had Clementine Munro and Joanna Tate talking about how it is to be women surveyors in the United Arab Emirates. 

Joanna Tate is a RICS Registered Valuer for Colliers in Abu Dhabi, providing residential real estate valuations for banks, asset managers, companies, and individuals. Most of her valuations are for secured lending purposes (mortgages or re-mortgages). Her favourite valuations are the complex ones, the ones with no comparable evidence, the real head-scratchers. She loves it when every day is different and never knows what’s going to come up next. 

Clementine Munro is a Client Relationship Manager at Exclusive Links Real Estate Brokers based in Dubai. She is passionate about knowing her communities and providing experienced advice on the neighbourhoods in Dubailand. 

What we Cover: 

- What it’s like moving to a country like UAE and adjusting to a different culture 

- Why property surveys in the United Arab Emirates are limited

- How it is being women in surveying in the UAE 

- Why getting support from female networks is crucial for developing career in surveying 

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