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079 Thatched Properties and Fire Safety Concerns

Season #3 Episode #79

Recently Marion had a conversation with Neil Hewitt and Charles Chalcraft about surveying thatched properties and fire safety concerns involved in those surveys.

Neil Hewitt is a Suffolk-based independent residential building surveyor who offers the RICS Building Survey. It is the highest level of survey offered under the RICS format that is particularly recommended for older properties. He specialises in older period properties, in particular local Suffolk timber frame and thatched houses.

Charles Chalcraft is a retired master thatcher who is trained as a home inspector. He now trains property professionals including surveyors how to survey properties with thatched roofs. He specialises in building surveys on older properties - cob and stone rubble that are thatched. He is also the technical advisor to the Devon and Cornwall Master Thatchers Association.

What we cover: 

- How thatched roofing begin in the UK

- Why thatched properties are appealing and what are the downsides?

- Who is qualified to survey thatched properties

- The causes of thatch fire and what homeowners can do about it

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