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081 A Chat About Regulation with RICS

Season #3 Episode #81

In this episode, Marion invited Sarah Cantrill, Richard White, and Charlie Jackson to chat about the significance of RICS standards and regulations.

Richard White is a Chartered Surveyor working in the Profession Support and Assurance team within RICS Regulation. Through different types of review visits, workshops, and other training and advice, the team provides support and guidance to help firms and Members come into compliance with the requirements of Red Book.

Sarah Cantrill leads a team at RICS supporting regulated firms and members with the implementation of RICS rules and best practice. Sarah’s career at RICS started in 2002, and over the last 19 years she has gained substantial knowledge of RICS regulation, risk, and compliance.

Charlie Jackson is an RICS Fellow and Registered Valuer with 20 years of commercial experience, specialising in healthcare valuation. For the past five years, Charlie has been working in RICS Regulation, supporting RICS’ firms and members in Europe with the practical implementation of Red Book rules and best practice.

What We Cover: 

- The difference between RICS standards and regulations

- How RICS helps surveyors navigate the regulations

- How RICS investigates complaints to firms

- How RICS deals with claims reported to them

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