082 Achieving Your Goals with Kirsty Knight

Season #3 Episode #82

Kirsty Knight is a certified life coach for female entrepreneurs in areas of business, money, time & productivity. She teaches ambitious entrepreneurs her system that covers productivity tactics, mindset work and business strategy. 

Maybe there are things in your business that are not getting done. You're finding yourself on a roundabout of analysis paralysis. The bottom line is, it's not the task that's a problem, it's your mindset towards it. You might be scared of change, of the risk of failing or maybe even being too successful if things go to plan. So why do we procrastinate and set unrealistic goals for ourselves and, essentially, set ourselves up for failure?

What we cover: 

- What is procrastination and how it manifests in three ways

- How to grow your business in your own way

- What barriers prevent taking action towards your goals

- How to move forward with a clear vision for your business

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