083 Networking and Visibility of Women Surveyors

Season #3 Episode #83

This week, Marion invited Jo Williams and Betsy Wong to discuss their experiences in networking, self-discovery, and getting visible online. 

Jo Williams is a chartered building surveyor working within a team of mixed discipline surveyors. She provides building surveying services to occupiers and investors across all commercial property types. After 14 years working within a corporate consultancy in Birmingham, she happily left the city in 2019 to be closer to home.

Betsy Wong is a Chartered Surveyor specializing in commercial properties. She helps both independent and corporate organisations that need commercial property advice.

What We Cover: 

- What it’s like networking as a woman surveyor

- How to discover what you love to do

- The benefits of getting more visible on social media

Connect with Jo Williams:

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- BCW Consultancy website - https://www.bcwconsultancy.co.uk/

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