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084 How to Share Technical Content with Stacey Meadwell

Season #3 Episode #84

Would you like to share and write more technical content? Perhaps you want to promote your business and share technical content with a wider audience? Surveyors and valuers have a lot of good stuff to share that can make the world a better place. But sharing your expertise is not easy. It's a skill to learn.

Stacey Meadwell is a writer and trainer helping built environment businesses create better content more easily. She is also an experienced panel and round table moderator. Before setting up her own business she was a B2B property journalist and features editor for 20 years.

What We Cover: 

- The difference between content writing for a digital publication and print

- How to build confidence about posting content on LinkedIn

- How to generate visibility and publicity

- Why you should bring your personality into the content you share

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